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At John Banks Group we believe your purchase experience should be of the highest standard possible that is why we have introduced our START RIGHT policy within the Group for 2019.


Solutions for every customer that contacts our Dealership Group with finance or payment solutions
in sales and aftersales division so that you do not have to worry but can spread costs. 



We work with the customers in an open and respectful manner respecting the commercial
and personal boundaries and keep transparent cloud based documentation.



We are flexible in our approach and will adapt to the needs of the customer at all times. 



We aim to respond to your enquiries within a short time frame and without
any compromise on the quality of our responses

We give all our teams access to our product lines and work in a friendly 
atmosphere with no pressure whilst delivery great results




We aim to build a relationship with our customers to focus on repeat purchases and continuity 
through repeat visits to our dealerships so focus on building great experiences



We are continually investing in technology, workshop equipment, training and investment in 
our staff and our locations to build a better future for our team and our customers

We strive to ensure that our Policies and guidelines on sales, commitment and customer service are met at all times,
and therefore give our team’s guiding principles to work with making the customer experience one that they will remember.


Our staff are on hand 7 days a week to be as helpful as possible using their
integrity and willingness to find the right deal and will go the extra mile 

You can be assured you can trust us when deciding to buy from us as our team will
keep in touch, be true to their word and be keen to deliver as promised