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Bad Credit? Car Finance Worries? John Banks Can Help

A bad credit history can come about in a number of ways. It can often be purely circumstantial. Sometimes it’s historical, and frequently it can occur through no fault of your own, with the effect on your credit rating lasting significantly longer than the event that caused it. Either way, at John Banks, we know there’s more to your income than your credit history, and we also know just how important a car is to a modern lifestyle. This is why we offer a comprehensive solution for bad credit car finance in Suffolk and Cambridge.

How Does Car Finance with Bad Credit

So how does it work? Our team of friendly finance experts sit down and discuss your situation with you, looking not only at your credit rating and history and the cold, hard numbers, but by getting to know you and your individual circumstances.

Beyond Your Credit Rating

With a wide range of car finance packages and options, and a range of lenders that specialise in bad credit car loans, all at our disposal, we’re sure to be able to find something for you. We focus on delivering affordable monthly payments that go beyond the stopping point of defaults, CCJs, mortgage or council tax arrears, meaning you can get the car you really want or need at John Banks today.

Why choose John Banks for Bad Credit Car Finance

At John Banks, we strive to make every experience with us simply matchless by delivering:

  • A dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable approach to customer service
  • A commitment to finding you the very best deal, through a host of great value finance packages on a varied, quality range of cars.
  • Bespoke advice on current your current credit rating and history
  • A specialist, independent service
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