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Dacia Air Conditioning Service

Dacia Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Servicing

Your air conditioning loses its charge every year, making it less efficient and making your car warmer.

Why have this done?

-    Having an efficient air con system will keep your fuel costs down, as it will improve the running of the air con pump.

-    This service will help prevent the build-up of unpleasant odours.

-    It will help reduce the build-up of harmful bacteria and contaminants.

-    Hearing a strange noise when your air con is on? This service will get rid of this.

-    The air con will lose it’s cool, an air con uses a compressor filled with refrigerant to cool down the air, and just like your oil, it needs to be regularly topped up to keep it working effectively.

What will happen when you leave your Air Conditioning off?

If you leave your air con off for a long period of this, it will become more prone to bacteria build-up, so you may start to notice some suspect smells.
Air-conditioning is the best way to dehumidify, or dry, damp air. With it running, the inside of a car’s windows won’t mist up; switching it off and it could seem as though you’re driving in dense fog.
Equally, using the air-conditioning is a great way of de-misting the car if it steams up when you first get in it on a cold day.

How much is a Air Conditioning Service?

*Our air conditioning re-gas service is for vehicles using R134A refrigerant only. 
This is £65.00 including VAT, we have a special offer of only £75 currently running.

We also provide a re-gas service for vehicles using R1234YF refrigerant.
This is subject to quotation but is normally £199.00

How do I know if this needs to be done?

Once you have turned on your air con,
Listen out can you hear any unusual noises.
Can you feel the icy cold air? Does the pressure feel normal?
Can you smell a bad smell?
Finally, check under your bonnet, and listen to the compressor, you should hear a clicking noise.
This is the compressor engaging and disengaging.

Any of these happening to you? Call us now to get your Air Conditioning Service booked in!