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Dacia Parking Sensors

Dacia Parking Sensors

Make Parking Easier

Parking sensors are located on the bumpers and are there to assist you the driver when parking next to or against other vehicles or objects. The sensors will alert you by an audible beep inside the car.

X-Vision Parking sensors can be fitted to both new and older vehicles to provide all-around protection.

The Front parking sensors come on automatically when you start the car. You will then need to press a button to activate the sensors, they will automatically turn off when they don’t detect anything for more than 30 seconds. The rear sensors automatically click on, when you select the reverse great.

So How Do They Work?

When you click into the reverse gear or press the button to engage to front sensors, the system will emit one beep to confirm it is operating. There is not further sound until an object comes within range (approximately 1.6 meters at the rear and 60cm at the corners). At this point, the unit emits a beeping sound. As you move closer to an obstruction, the sound increases in frequency, until you are within 30cms. At this point, the sound becomes a constant tone. Front sensors begin warning at approximately 90cms in the centre and 60cm at the corners and will become a solid tone when you are within 30cms. (Please note that these distances will appear to be shortened if the vehicle is moving too quickly. All parking systems are designed to work at low speeds.)

Why wouldn’t you want to make your vehicle both safer and easier for manoeuvres?

Prices start from (all including VAT):

  • Front £349
  • Rear £349
  • Combined £599

Contact us now if you want to know more or get this booked in!