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Honda Motorbike Street & Touring Range


Attitude, all-round versatility and sheer riding enjoyment. The essence of style in its purest form. There’s never been a better time to take to the streets on a Honda.

Honda Motorbike Street & Touring Range CB1100EX

CB1100 EX

For some riders this bike, with its twin clocks, big tank and deep chrome exhausts will stir memories. For others, it will create new and exciting moments to remember. Featuring exquisitely detailed stainless steel spoked rims, the CB1100EX comes with: 41mm Showa Dual Bending Valve front fork and adjustable preload, rear chrome shocks, a revised inlet and exhaust system and an assist slipper clutch. 

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Honda Motorbike Street & Touring Range CB1100RS

CB1100 RS

The look of an early superbike, the CB1100RS comes with: 43mm Showa Dual Bending Valve, two-piece front fork, remote reservoir rear shocks and a sharper chassis geometry. Sports 17-inch cast aluminium wheels wear dual radial-mount, four-piston caliper brakes and floating discs. The engine has an assist slipper clutch and a revised inlet and exhaust system.

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£5,599 On the Road

A chopped ’bobber’ styled motorcycle that links authentic, traditional looks with modern technology. Powered by the proven parallel twin-cylinder engine, the response is friendly, smooth and linear – ideal if your stepping up from a smaller bike. The riding position is relaxed as you sit, arms outstretched, into the low seat height, ready for the highway; it’s comfortable and easy to manage at low speeds too. 

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Honda Motorbike Street & Touring Range NC750S


The NC750S is one of a kind. Part of the NC750 series, it’s a motorcycle that suits every day riding – with a low seat height, comfortable riding position and low centre of gravity. The 745cc parallel twin-cylinder engine delivers 54 bhp power output. With a choice of a 6-speed manual gearbox or Honda’s unique 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) available as an option, city riding is fun either way. With the DCT in automatic mode, there’s no clutch lever to constantly operate. And at the touch of a button, you can be in DCT Sport mode where there’s a choice of three levels for the twisties! The sleek tail section, with an integrated LED tail-light, has rear handgrips that are virtually invisible until your passenger’s fingers find them. Up front, the LED headlight fits neatly into a compact cowl that also houses a larger LCD display meter. Start up the Euro 4 compliant engine and the 14-litre tank will take you up to 250 miles†. ABS brakes, as standard, provide confident braking in all riding conditions and, when you’ve pulled up and parked, there’s no need to carry your crash helmet or waterproofs around with you all day either - you can store them in the built in storage compartment which is located where you would expect the fuel tank to be. The NC750S is not only practical and economical; with two new bold colour schemes with LED headlights, its sporty street bike attitude is hard to ignore.

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The  CB650R features rich digital LCD instruments that are easy to read. Now included in the display are a Gear Position and Shift Up indicator, a water thermometer, a peak hold meter of the engine RPM, and an upshift indicator linked with the engine RPM to let the driver know when to change gears. The tapered handlebars of the CB650R offer easy leverage for fast steering reaction. You are the king of the urban jungle. Show the world what you’re capable of. The new CB650R features a sleek, streamlined design to match your sophisticated urban style. The bike’s ultra-compact, powerful stance channels the retro-minimalism of the CB1000R Neo Sports Café, but with 5kg less weight. It blends curved lines with taut angles, crowned by a distinctive LED headlight. With the CB650R, less gives you more.

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Honda Motorbike Street & Touring Range CB500F



The CB500F Street bike looks like a lot of fun before you even sit on it. From the focussed and aggressive front cowl – with bright LED lights – back to the sharp tail section, this naked bike now shows off much more of its muscular engine. Bright colours and sporty engine casings re-affirm the CB500F’s street credibility. It cries out to be unleashed. Like all the other CB500s it has a free revving parallel twin engine, with a strong torque delivery from tick over to red line, that’ll pull you smoothly through the corners. As you accelerate, the feeling as you shift through the six gears – mixed with the distinctive sound from the new muffler – will start to pull at the corners of your mouth. Soon, you won’t be able to hide a wide, wide, smile. With anodised caps, the front forks have preload adjustment so you can adjust to suit you and your riding style. The Honda Pro-Link® rear suspension also has preload adjustment on the rear shock. Small changes are easy. You can set the bike up for your own weight, your passenger’s weight or, with a few accessories added, you can make adjustments for your luggage too. The passenger hand-grips are recessed – almost invisible – so they don’t interfere with the sharp naked style. The seat is made from material that’s comfortable on a long ride and a lightweight – short and dynamically shaped – muffler with a crisp exhaust note, adds the final touch. Looking for fun? You know where to find it.

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Honda Motorbike Street & Touring Range CB1000R

CB1000R and CB1000R Plus 

In true Sport Naked style, the CB1000R wears its heart on its sleeve, revealing its retro-industrial minimalism and aluminium details for all to see. There are Showa SFF-BP USD forks and radial brakes up front, and a signature single-sided swingarm and Showa monoshock suspension at the rear. This is all rounded off by a full set of LED lights to light the way, wherever the journey takes you. For the more discerning rider, there's the CB1000R+. Infused with the same minimal design, the CB1000R+ has even greater aspirational appeal. Fitted with a quickshifter and heated grips as standard, the CB1000R+ is only available in Graphite Black, with a host of additional contrasting accessories that flesh out the CB1000R's striking styling

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They say less is more. Nowhere is this more true than with the brand new Honda CB300R – part of the Neo Sports Café range. Tipping the scales at just 143 kg wet, its free-revving 286 cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine punches well above its weight on the city streets. The 41mm upside-down forks and radial front brakes and tyres exude Sport Naked style, whilst the LCD instrument panel and full LED lights ensure full visibility on the go. With a 10 L fuel tank hidden underneath its angular cover, the CB300R can cover over 186 miles between filling station.

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Honda Motorbike Street & Touring Range CB125R


Lightweight. Compact. Agile.

The brand new Honda CB125R is the perfect bike for first-timers with an urge to let loose in the city. Sharing its design ethos with the brand new Neo Sports Café range, it’s packed with hard edged Sport Naked style. And weighing in at just 126 kg wet, the CB125R is an extremely easy machine to handle. It features 41 mm upside-down forks, an underbelly muffler and radial front brakes and tyres. There’s also a modern LCD instrument panel to keep you informed on the move and full LED lights to illuminate the road ahead. And when you want to hit the open road, the 10.1L fuel tank can cover over 298 miles between fill-ups.

All 125 motorcycles purchased at John Banks Group come with Complimentary starter riding kit

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