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Without travelling too far from our starting town, the John Banks Group has come a long way from the small garage forecourt and motorcycle store and repair shop in Bury St Edmunds set up in the early 1970’s to its five locations running along the A14 corridor in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

Today, the Company has in excess of 160 staff and handles over £60m worth of business annually.

The John Banks Group hosts the Honda franchises at three locations, Suzuki cars at two locations and Honda Motorcycles at the head office location in Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge for small bikes and scooters as well as Renault, Dacia and Infiniti from eight locations along the A14 corridor.

The group handles all aspects of motor vehicle requirements including sales, servicing, parts, hire, finance, clothing, accessories, repair and customising of motorcycles.

Whilst having grown to a company of mid economic size primarily over the past twenty years, the John Banks Group remains a closely-knit family concern.

Throughout the company's history, the Banks family can be said to have followed good business practice - grasping opportunities as they've appeared, reviewing operations in order to remain efficient and keeping up with manufacturers' changing demands and achieving high manufacturer standards throughout all the franchises. Above all, the Banks family has always been careful to continue to meet the needs of customers, ensuring that they enjoy the best service and finest customer attention at all times and requiring specific ethics and integrity from all their staff.

Working closely in the community with charities and local organisations John Banks Director's like to give back to the local area and try to assist in charity support as well as growth and development throughout the areas we trade in continually assessing needs and assistance to worthy causes to continue to create a growth of business and development within Suffolk and Cambridgeshire regions.