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Vehicles for Business

Employee Benefits

Without the need to own and maintain a personal vehicle, the company car is available for the travel requirements necessary to the businesses need and a new Hyundai car will not only ensure that the employee feels substantially valued but will also improve their image to customers and other companies affiliated with your own.

The cost of providing a company car can be considerably less than an equivalent value cash (or similar) benefit and will often have a higher perceived value to an employee.

Company Benefits

Company cars are an effective way to save money over renting vehicles for employees to use for business. Hyundai offer a number of vehicles at affordable monthly costs which could be the equivalent to the cost of a few rentals per month whilst the smaller payments of Business Contract Hire helps with cash flow over purchasing cars.

At the end of the agreement you can then arrange to upgrade the vehicle or replace with a newer model, guaranteeing your companies image and reliability.

The standard tax charge on a company car is based upon a percentage of the car's list (retail) price. The percentage charged depends upon the fuel and exhaust emission efficiency, cars that are more environmentally friendly are taxed at lower rates. You will also need to pay Class 1A National Insurance Contributions on the benefit. If you pay for some or all of an employee's private fuel, you will also need to pay a fixed charge dependent on fuel type and engine size.

Whatever you need

Some fleet customers know exactly what they're looking for, others want all the options and possibilities explained to them. Our fleet specialists are there to give you all the information you need, whether that's the best way to finance your fleet, tax implications, CO2 emissions or the whole life cost comparison of particular cars.

Experience, convenience and flexibility. Important qualities for the day-to-day running of your business and traits you'll find in each one of the services we offer, including:

Let us help cut your running costs

Everyone wants to run their fleet as efficiently as possible. Which means having cars with low emissions, sparing fuel consumption and strong residual values. In other words it means having a Hyundai fleet. The simple way to lower emissions and fuel costs is to use less fuel.

Hyundai vehicles have always been designed with low emissions in mind and our current cars have some of the best CO2 emissions performance in their categories. This benefits the environment, helps to reduce the tax burdens and can make some vehicles exempt from the London congestion charge. Our engineers are constantly developing new technology to make our cars go further and further on a gallon of petrol or diesel. And if past developments are anything to go by, things will only get better.