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Parts Manager , Cambridge

Salary: ££30-35,000 per annum

Parts Manager

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1. To supply, receive and actively issue retail, internal and trade parts.

2. To ensure that the Parts Department operates efficiently, securely, with integrity and to the highest possible standards, by implementing agreed documented procedures, in order to achieve complete Customer satisfaction at all times to workshop staff, external customers and trade customers by email, telephone and face to face.

3. To accept requests and orders from Customers and other Departments and ensure that their requirements are correctly identified and met by the Parts Department in a timely, efficient and cost saving manner, by following documented procedures.

4. To prepare orders to purchase parts by following documented procedures. To place urgent orders, for parts on behalf of the Company with approved suppliers.

5. To correctly prepare invoices, parts issue sheets, delivery notes, vehicle route distribution for vans and deliveries as well as other documents by following internal policies and processes within the Dealer Management System and according to manufacturer requirements.

6. To ensure that all parts issued or sold are charged to appropriate invoices, accounts or jobs at the correct prices and Company discount rates in force at the time. To ensure that any applicable surcharges are applied

7. To ensure that Company policies on credit are implemented effectively and to accept and account for all cash, debit card, credit card receipts, bank transfers and any other form of payment are audit trailed and efficiently reported back to the accounts division daily.

8. To attend all internal and manufacturer training programmes to facilitate the business achieving bonus and directive assurances from the manufacturer.

9.  To manage any staff within the department and log all staff training on the HR personnel systems.

10.  To follow Human Resource structure and appraise and reward staff within your team on a regular basis following documented procedures

11.  To report all staff absences on the Human Resource system at all times and to record non compliance.

12. To record any Customer complaints or non-conformance of the Quality System and implement appropriate corrective action by following documented procedures. This may specifically include the returning of parts to suppliers, the correct handling of exchange units, the returning of parts under manufacturer's warranty and the preparation and checking of credit notes.

13. To correctly handle,process,  protect and package parts and to check, inspect and test incoming, outgoing and stock parts, by following documented procedures.

14.  To log all returns to manufacturer daily and follow through with accounts to ensure credits have been received on a monthly basis.

15.. To ensure all Warranty parts are issued at the correct prices and that the Warranty process within the Dealership is adhered to and all warranty parts are paid in accordance with the warranty claims procedure by liasing with the service department and warranty team members. 

16.  To ensure that all special orders are paid for in advance by a customer and no parts are ordered that are unable to be retured without incurring a cost prior to order and a receipt issued to the customer.

17.  No parts are to be ordered and not supplied within 5 days.

18. To maintain the security of the premises and the Department and Company and Customers' property.

19. To maintain good working relationships with other staff, service team members, workshop staff, sales team members, valeters, suppliers and Customers.

20.  To order consumable products on behalf of the workshop and valeting divisions by following processed documentation from an agreed valeting supply list only approved by the Directors

21. Not to buy parts from van representatives of any kind.

22.  To carry out monthly stock check audits and report to management 

23.  To carry out annual full stock taking using Dealer Management System processes in order to clarify and reconcile stock back to accounts. 

22. To carry out any further duties, within capabilities, when requested by management. These may include visiting Customers, stock taking, maintaining equipment, maintaining displays, working outside normal hours, supervising and instructing trainees, acting as Delivery Driver or Manager, etc.

23. Where necessary, to deliver parts when covering for holiday periods.

Added: 19 February 2018