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Electric & Hybrid Vehicles at John Banks Group

Specialising in Renault, Dacia, Honda and Suzuki cars means that we are able to offer a full range of electric and hybrid technology vehicles across the brands, therefore we have made it easier for you by linking you directly through to all the models we have across our brands from one click.

CR-V Hybrid

From £30,810

The Honda CR-V is the world’s most popular SUV. The CR-V Hybrid is responsive, smooth and efficient. It's intelligent, highly advanced hybrid powertrain provides a seamless driving experience.

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Jazz Hybrid

From £18,985

The all-new Jazz range has arrived with an advanced e:HEV hybrid engine and dynamic, modern looks. A Hybrid that fits your life. The advanced e:HEV hybrid powertrain blends functionality and power with the deceptively super-spacious interior. The famous magic seats of the original have not been lost - book your test drive today.

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Honda e

From £29,160

ALL AS ONE Integration is the key to a complete design. Front headlights, radar, multi-view camera, are all assembled in a single panel. Similarly, at the rear, we combined all these elements too – everything appears as one. The 17’ alloys have specially designed covers to keep them free from brake dust, so your Honda e will always look cleaner, for longer. The all-new, all-electric Honda e is a dream made real with its unique combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and cutting-edge technology.

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Renault Zoe E-Tech Electric

From £27,595*

Zoe E-Tech electric AN EASY ELECTRIC LIFE! Enjoy zero tailpipe emissions driving in the Zoe E-Tech electric, with up to 245 miles of range, an 8-year traction battery warranty and MY Renault app connected services.

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Renault Captur/E-Tech hybrid/E-Tech plugin Hybrid

From £19,295

A MODERN AND ELEGANT SUV Captur has an unmistakable presence on the road with its athletic SUV design complimented with the iconic two-tone body paint and the C-shaped LED signature lighting.​ Captur is available with a brand new hybrid offer inspired by Formula 1® technology: 145 HP E-Tech hybrid engine or E-Tech plug-in hybrid engine.

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Renault Twizy 100% Electric

From £11,995

TWIZY is an eye-catching compact electric vehicle; it seats up to two people and is unlike anything else on the road today. Price below is for a Tizy i Expression

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Renault Zoe Van E-Tech 100% Electric


The All-New Zoe van E-Tech 100% electric van is the UK's only 100% electric car-derived van. Offering extra practicality and loading space to our multi award-winning Zoe, it still provides the same impressive range, tech and interior quality, allowing you and your business to enjoy an easy electric life * Easy to Charge * Ultra Low Running Costs * Zero Engine Noise * Zero Emissions * Impressive Payload

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Renault Kangoo

£14,150 price excludes VAT

The Kangoo is now in both diesel and electric versions. Renault Kangoo E-Tech 100% electric, offering you the same generous load capacity of their equivalent diesel versions but with ultra-low running costs and all the benefits of owning a Renault electric vehicle.

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Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric

£65,996 excludes VAT

Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric. electrifies your journeys. Particularly suited to deliveries in town and the suburbs, the expressive design serves to help your efficiency. Renault PRO+ adds 3.5-tonne model to the Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric. range providing enhanced capability

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We have offers on all our Electric or Hybrid vehicles across the range so click directly on to any of the offers we have – we only advertise our headline offers so please contact us to take advantage of the other benefits we have available by discussing your requirements with one of our team.

Twizy Offers

Twizy Offers

The Expression and the Dynamique Versions of the all electric city Twizy shows you that you will have a simple easy vehi...

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Want to drive with less costs?

UK car buyers are now demanding electric cars, the trend of Electric vehicles is accelerating as we move in to the 2020's as supply is now starting to come from all the manufacturers as the choice widens and the prices fall. The more progressive of our customers are now slowly deserting the diesel's although these vehicles still prove beneficial to a large sector of the poplus and petrol cars are taking up the slack from the people that were driving diesel models. These progressive customers are plunging directly in to the battery electric vehicles (BEV's) or plumping for a Hybrid or plug-in as a stepping stone to full electrification.

The primary difference between a hybrid car and an electric car is that the hybrid car derives some of its power from a conventional gasoline engine. On the other hand, a true electric car gets all of its power from electrical sources, and thereby is a completely non-polluting zero-emission vehicle (ZEV).

A hybrid vehicle gets its energy simultaneously from a gasoline engine and an electric motor. ... A plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) also uses a gasoline engine and an electric motor, but in different ways. The plug-in hybrid runs primarily using its electric motor, powered by the battery.