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Dacia UK Press Coverage Hightlights: Issue 230

Added: 26 June 2018

UK Press Coverage Highlights: Issue 230

All-New Dacia Duster

60 media attended the launch of All-New Duster last week, driving the car on and off-road.
Their initial reviews can be read below, with further coverage expected over the next month.

  • Still fantastic value for money
  • Interior quality has significantly improved
  • All-new modern exterior 
  • Cabin noise reduced
  • 4x4 capabilities impressive

 "In terms of sheer value the second-generation Duster is very much in a class of its own"                      

   "Seriously over-delivers on the under-promising price"   
  "How Dacia is still able to offer so much car for so little cash is quite astounding"
 "This is a very impressive car ... Phenomenally good-value"
"A proper TG hero. Seriously over-delivers on the under-promising price" reports TopGear, following the UK Test Drives last week.
It "looks modern and straightforwardly handsome, and it’s well-assembled. The Duster isn’t trying to kid anyone. It’s not cheap in a way that
insults your intelligence or makes you feel mean. It’s a far better car than it needs to be at the price, and we love it for that."
22nd June 2018
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"This is a very impressive car if your priorities are about practicality, ruggedness and versatility" writes CAR Magazine.
"What’s improved most noticeably is the cabin ambience. It’s still a simple, basic car, but the fundamentals are sound: big boot, economical engines, no nonsense."
"We had a 20-minute off-road expedition and we were wowed by its willingness and capability through ruts, up steep ascents and down awkwardly angled slopes."
"It’s fantastic value. And the fact that it now looks and feels much smarter, slicker and more modern is a bonus."

22nd June 2018
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"How Dacia are able to offer so much car for so little cash is quite astonishing" reports Auto Express, after their first drive of the All-New Duster.

"It is better built than before, drives well and offers unrivalled practicality at this price point" and is "all the car you'd ever need."
"The cabin feels built to last", whilst "few cars offer as much space at this price point." The 4x4 version is also "pleasingly adept off-road".

22nd June 2018
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"Similar looks but actually a brand new car and a far better, more refined one than before" reports HonestJohn.  The "quality is significantly improved" yet "low rock-bottom prices are maintained."
"It’s hard to see better value than the £13,195 Dacia Duster Comfort SCe 115 4x2."
22nd June 2018
"The Duster’s generous dimensions make it one of the most practical cars at this price. It has better head and leg room than many of its rivals, so it feels more like a proper family car.
More importantly, the Duster remains faithful to Dacia’s proven business model: cheap, no-frills motoring; its starting price undercuts entry models of the Seat Ateca and Nissan Qashqai by almost 50%."
22nd June 2018