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Dacia UK Press Coverage Hightlights: Issue 234

Added: 20 August 2018

Dacia Duster Wins Group Test 

"Dacia's second generation Duster has built on the original's likeable nature, adding more refinement, better tech and improved driving manners to create a car that's still affordable, but better to drive and live with, without sacrificing any of its honest personality."
"It's fair to say material quality feels robust and fairly solid inside... and you do get a decent level of kit." reports Auto Express.
The steering "is lighter than the old system... there's a lot less kickback over bumps and potholes, which makes it much nicer to drive in all conditions... it's also easier to manoeuvre."
"Usability certainly isn't weak, because with a 411- litre boot the Duster delivers a great level of luggage space; more than twice the Ignis, in fact."
"It's the most practical car, well priced and gets a good level of kit."

15th August 2018
"The Duster offers all the practicality and space you want from a family sized SUV for the price of a super mini with running costs to match."
"The interior is well laid out and the materials feel hard wearing...the seats have more padding and are really is impressive for the price."
"The handling is responsive and it feels well balanced and steady into corners... the brakes feel sharp and crisp, all in all it is a relaxing and a very easy car to drive."
"The whole package offers excellent value for money" and "the Duster can comfortably hold its own against far more expensive rivals." 
"It's a remarkable package considering the price"
6th August 2018

"The car looks more chunky and aggressive but it hasn't changed the budget price... it's insane." reports Carwow
"It's really good to drive round town with a high driving position, good all round visibility and the light steering helps with manoeuvring at low speed." 
"The suspension is very soft which is great for absorbing bumps and potholes, so it feels nice and comfortable."
"The comfort model has all the equipment you need...there is loads of space and the seats are more comfortable and supportive."

19th July 2018