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Don't put off your Service Plan Service

Some customers are postponing their Services and running out of time on their Service plan claims! Although the Government rolled over MOT's you MUST keep your Service Plans in line with the Manufacturer timings as there are no longer leeways for extending Service Plans so we are advising to USE IT OR LOSE IT - this is not down to John Banks but the manufacturers please do no think you have time and will come in when your extended MOT was due....

Manufacturer Service Plans must be taken in line with the regular service schedules, we have not been closed during lockdown and our servicing remains open.

MOT's were rolled over but please do not think your Service Plan service will be authorised if you leave it as the manufactuers are not rolling over and extending any service schedules further 

Please note that we cannot claim if you are not booked in on your regular schedulding and you will have to pay for your service should this happen. 

April 2021



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28 April 2021