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Forza Family Gets Bigger

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Forza Family gets bigger

We are pleased and excited to announce not only upgrades to the existing Forza models but also
the introduction of an all new model… The NSS750 Forza, making it a complete family for every

Forza 750
Crowning the prestigious Forza range, it’s the
ultimate city slicker offering an exciting ride and
luxurious comfort wrapped in high-tech style.
Effortless acceleration is on tap from its torquey
745cc twin-cylinder engine, equipped with Throttle
By Wire, 3 default riding modes and 3 Level Honda
Selectable Torque Control. A tubular steel frame,
aluminium swingarm, Pro-Link rear suspension
and 17/15-inch front/rear wheels provide
surefooted handling. The under-seat storage will
hold a full-face helmet and houses a USB charger;
all lighting is LED and a 5-inch TFT display allows
smartphone connectivity via the new Honda
Smartphone Voice Control System.
The 750 will come in either Mat Jeans Blue Metallic or Graphite Black.
It will arrive this year and will be priced at £9999

Forza 350
The Electric screen adjusts through 180mm, an
extra 40mm, for improved comfort, Room for two
full-face helmets under the seat; new USB
charging socket, Smart Key operation for the
ignition and Emergency stop signal function that
warns other road users of sudden braking are just
some of the updates for this larger capacity
executive scooter. But not content with these we
have also added the Honda Smartphone Voice
Control System. This links the rider to their
smartphone while on the move and allows voice
management of phone calls and music. A helmetmounted headset is needed and the smartphone
connects via Bluetooth; management of Honda
Smartphone Voice Control System is from the left switchgear and dash.
Coming in a choice of three colours, Pearl Falcon Gray, Mat Cynos Gray Metallic and Mat Pearl
Pacific Blue which are due in the first quarter next year.

Forza 125
Fully equipped with HSTC, new USB port and 40mm more range on the electric screen the ever
popular 125 is, like its new family, fully Euro 5 compliant. There are cosmetic updates to enhance
visual appeal and aerodynamic performance and of course room for two full-face helmets under
the seat.
The Forza 125 is due January 2021 and will be available in Lucent Silver Metallic, May Cynos Gray
Metallic and Mat Carnelian Red Metallic.

Watch out for even more updates regarding the Honda range later this month….

Forza Family

Honda Bikes,New Bike

14 October 2020