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John Banks to Host Scrambling Legends

Added: 21 August 2018

Ian Berry is a published author of books on scrambling and motorcross. He specialises in the 1950's through until the mid 70's.

Ian will be presenting an evening of talk celebrating the Golden Era of scrambling/motorcross in East Anglia, from the 1950's through to 1970's.

Invited guests include: Jim Aim, John Banks, Bill Brooker, Chris Ginn, Jim Holt, Dennis Howard, Sidge Kenny, Andy Lee, Freddie Mayes, Norman Messenger, Dave Nicoll, Adrian Yallop.

For more information or tickets please click here

Ticket price includes refreshments on arrival and during the break. Proceeds will also be going to local children's charity GeeWizz

The evening starts at 6:30pm with the evening starting at 7:00pm