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No Contact due to no email or mobile

Added: 15 April 2020

Due to the pressure we are under with just the Directors working during this pandemic and ALL staff having been Furloughed we have promised to contact pre-booked customers with a revised booking date for when we think we are going to open so that they do not lose a vital slot in the workshop.

We have found this task daunting as many customers have opted out of letting us contact them by mobile and email.  We do not send letters and do not have the resource to do so, nor do we have the resource to call all 9 dealerships with all the bookings we have for every day.

We will therefore not be able to roll over customers who have not supplied mobile or emails until we have a manageable staffing level to be able to make individual calls.

If you know you have not supplied your email or mobile number but have a booking please provide your details to our where your details will be securely updated on our DMS.