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Added: 09 August 2019

Renault has renewed its sponsorship of Premier League football coverage on Sky Sports for the next three years, from the start of the 2019/20 season celebrating passion for football and the dedication of fans.


The new partnership will see new TV idents broadcast in and around 128 live Premier League games on Sky Sports this season before kick-off and after the final whistle. Highlighting the dedication fans have to be at the game, the idents for this season will celebrate ‘Getting You to The Game in Style’. Taking inspiration from stylish car chases, the new idents will showcase the All-New Clio and the Mégane R.S. hot hatch. Taking a tongue-in-cheek look at how fans will stop at nothing to see the match, they will once again star Renault brand ambassador, Thierry Henry. Thierry will play the role of ‘The Transporter’; the slickest getaway driver in town, helping football fans escape whatever stands in their way. In the new TV idents, we’ll see Thierry rescue fans from their everyday commitments such as doing the weekly shop or going to the gym and getting them back to watch the game on time.

The adverts highlight the offers on the Megane R.S and All new Clio

  • Megane RS Offer is based on 3yr 0% £249 p.m / £4256 customer (only £635 more over 3 years than a Mégane TCe 140 GT Line!)
  • Ref: Mégane TCE 140 GT Line is 3ys 0% £229p.m / £2901