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Your Electric Car

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Going Electric?

Thinking about going electric, but looking for a bit more information?  Then we are here to help guide you through the process. 

One of the really great things about electric vehicles is that with the amount of chargers now in the UK, you will be able to  park your car at work, home and many other locations and return to a car that is fuller than when you left it.  

Planning a longer journey? Then check your route for rapid charging points.

Charging At Home

Charging at home is one of the easiest charging options available to you.  

To be able to have a home charger installed, you will need to have off street parking. Dedicated home chargers offer the fastest charging speeds and safety features. Dedicated chargers are likely to come with universal type 2 sockets that will be compatible with other cables. They are also likely to come with a cable and when you purchase your electric vehicle it  should also come with a cable.  

You can also plug your electric car into a standard 3-pin plug at home, however they will not have the safety features of a dedicated charger and will likely be a slower. 


Charging At Work

Charging at work is another  convenient way to fill up your electric vehicle and now many organizations are choosing to install charging points for customers or as staff perks.  You may or may not need to use an RFID swipe card or an app. 

Organizations may also be entitled to a Workplace Charging Scheme.


There are so many public locations that you are now able to charge at, from supermarkets to retail park car parks and these frequent top ups help keep you on top of charging your car. 

When it comes to charging at these type of locations, you will likely need to bring your own cable and in some cases you may need to download an app. Most of these type of charging destinations will be free and are likely to offer around 20-30 minutes per hours plugged in. 

You can use the Pod Point Map to find locations that have charging stations available. 


31 August 2021