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Tyre & Alloy Wheel Maintenance Plan

Tyre & Alloy Wheel Maintenance Plan at John Banks - From £299

1. Inspections 

The plan will provide 4 quarterly maintenance inspections per annum, it will comprise of a cleanse and visual check on the items listed in below to ascertain whether these items require any treatment/repairs and if a treatment/repair can be applied.

1. Tyres
  • Measure tread depth across all sections of each tyre
  • Check for any tyre damage (including punctures)
  • Check for any contamination or foreign objects
  • Check for any ageing/deterioration of the rubber
  • Check for any previous repairs not in accordance with British Standards
2. Alloys
  • The general cosmetic condition of the alloy wheels
  • Check for any debris marks, surface scuffs, scrapes, scratches or other minor indentations

2. Treatments/Repairs

During the Inspection, in the event that our maintenance agent identifies a treatment/repair requirement to the tyre or alloy wheel of your vehicle and which can be treated using cosmetic/tyre treatment techniques (as defined in the Terms and Conditions), we will provide:
  1. Tyres – Unlimited number of puncture repairs. If a repair cannot be completed, then we will replace up to 5 tyres for the duration of the agreement.
  2. Alloy Wheels – Up to 10 treatments for debris marks, surface scuffs, scrapes or scratches or other minor indentations. If a treatment cannot be completed, then we will contribute up to £150 for a replacement.
Treatments/repairs will be provided if due to usage the tyres/alloy wheels have suffered deterioration from the start date up to the expiry date stated in the schedule (excluding the first 30 days).
All treatments/repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.


Treatments which are not included:
  • Any Maintenance Treatment/Repair request which was not completed during the period specified in the terms and conditions.
  • The costs relating to losses normally covered under a comprehensive road risks insurance policy (whether or not an excess applies) or losses resulting from a road traffic accident to the vehicle.
  • As a result of fire or theft of the vehicle, tyres or alloy wheels.
  • Where the alloy wheel is perforated, cracked or distorted.
  • General wear and tear, deterioration, oxidisation, hail, corrosion, neglect or a defect.
  • Any tyre repairs/replacement if the tread depth is less than the legal limit.
  • Any loss of use of your vehicle or any additional costs related to the maintenance or inspection events of any kind.