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EMAC Service Plans

Why choose us with EMAC 

EMAC are already the UK’s leading provider and administrator of service plans, trusted by 15 of the world’s foremost vehicle manufacturers. By calling on this experience; highly effective IT platforms; the global expertise of their parent company Innovation Group; and the contribution of high quality people who understand our products and vehicle owners’ needs, in association with EMAC are able to provide:

  • An outstanding customer experience for Service Plan Set up 
  • We strive to ensure that customers are able to set up a service plan for their vehicle based on mileage programmes, time lines inclusive or exclusive of MOT, Brake Fluid Changes, additional work and essential items.

The aim of a service plan is to spread the cost of your service and maintenance items over a year in line with your other household costs and eliminate the need for additional costs so that you can pop in, have your work done and leave knowing that the service plan has taken care of the bill.

From as little as £11.99 month we can ensure that a service plan is suitable for your car so talk to us today and set up a plan - you can cancel, change, roll over, update this at any time securely in the knowledge that your cash is protected with EMAC and John Banks Group.