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Free Accidental Damage Tyre Warranty


Falken Accidental Damage Warranty

Using the most advanced manufacturing technologies available ensures that the Falken product is of the highest standard. Every Falken tyre undergoes the most stringent testing to ensure the highest standards of quality are achieved.

In order to guarantee that our customrs get the most out of their Falken tyres, we are delighted to offer an optional 'Accidental Damage Warranty' with every Falken tyre purchased*.

If any of your Falken tyres are damaged beyond repair, then the defective tyre will be replaced and you will only be charged for the proportion of the tread that you have already used. (see terms and conditions).


Should you wish to make a claim, you may do so at any of our John Banks Group dealerships. Provided that you provide your original sales invoice and stamped warranty leaflet. Then we will be able to calculate your entitled percentage allowance.


We will measure the remaining legal tread on your tyre. Although tyres are road-legal to 1.6mm, we always recommend replacement at 3mm in order to maintain optimum performance and safety, therefore for first 3.0mm is not counted. The tread will be measured in the centre and on the edges of the tyre to ensure an accurate and consistent reading. If any measurements on the tyre are below 3.0mm, no credit will be given.  The remaining legal tread is then converted to a percentange claim allowance. This allowance is then redeemed as a percentage discount against the current selling price of your new replacement Falken tyre. The terms of this warranty require that the replacement tyre fitted is the same size as the original and is a Falken. Your old warranty leaflet alongwith the damaged tyre will be retained by the dealer and a new warranty leaflet will be issued to cover the new tyre.The decision of John Banks is final.

Discount Calculation Table 

Falken Tyres Warranty Discount Calculator
Remaining Usable Tred Depth Reimbursement of Warranty Paid against your tyre
7.5mm 100%
7.00mm 90%
6.5mm 80%
6.00m 70%
5.5mm 60%
5.00mm 50%
4.5mm 40%
4.00mm 30%
3.5mm 20%
3.00m 10%