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John Banks Group - Payment Assist

PAY LATER with Payment Assist 

The smarter choice in finance

The Problem

Unexpected repair cost

Desire to upgrade your car but lack the money to do so

Any one off or unexpected bill

The Solution

Payment Assist

Allows the cost of a one off bill/purchase to be spread over three months

Interest free and Fee free



Pay just 25% of your bill today

Spread the remaining cost over the next three months with Payment Assist


Would you like to pay in instalments?

Payment Assist can cover the cost of MOT repairs, Car Service and Car repair bills such as a Cambelt or Engine repair via our new REPAIR NOW - PAY LATER instalment plan.

What Is Payment Assist and how can it help me?

If you need work carried out on your car and it’s in excess of £300 we can help. 

You may need your car for work and you can’t wait until pay day to have it fixed, or you may simply want to spread the cost of having the work done to help your budget.  

John Banks Group has teamed up with Payment Assist in order to make your life that little bit easier when it comes to keeping your car in peak condition. 

Spread the cost over 4 months of debit card payments including 25% on the day of set up.

Is this a loan or some form of credit where I have to pay interest?  NO

There is absolutely NO interest to pay. 

NO Catch

This product does not fall under our FCA Guidance.

You will simply pay your quoted price in 4 monthly instalments, instead of having to pay the total right away.

Are there any fees?  There are no fees and no interest.

How can I take advantage of Payment Assist?

Simply ask about Payment Assist after receiving your quote or booking in your vehicle for major work at our service centres where our team will link you through to sign up via e-sign or a signature required with a copy of your driving licence on the day of the agreement.

All you need to be eligible is a debit card (Sorry credit cards not accepted for Payment Assist). There are no long forms to fill out, no credit checks for under £1000 and no waiting!  

What we do need is a current valid email address.


Link through to set up a payment assist payment scheme