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Renault - Coolant Offer

Our Coolant Change Offer! Limited Time Only


Coolant change for vehicles

Catchment 5 years plus or

Or mileage above 70,000 (whichever comes first)


Offer from £149


How does the cooling system work?

The coolant is a key part of the engine, as it is keeping it at the correct operating temperature, help it to warm up quickly in the cold weather, as well as making sure it is not getting too hot when it’s under stress. So, when the temperature plummets below freezing, if mixed with the correct antifreeze, the coolant prevent any damage. The coolant fluid also helps stop corrosion within certain parts of the engine. So, you need to make sure this is check regularly.

The cooling system circulates the fluid around specially designed cavities within the engine block to keep the temperature at its optimum operating point, before being passed through a large radiator, which air passes through, cooling the fluid within the system.

Why does this need to done?

-    The coolant fluid deteriorates over time, which means this needs to be drained flushed and refilled to replenish the antifreeze mixture a prevent formation of rust and corrosion, which can impair the cooling system and cause engine damage.

-    The antifreeze chemicals in the coolant lose their effectiveness, especially if you top up the coolant with water regularly. In harsh winter weather, this can cause the coolant to freeze and expand, which can cause damage.

-    The coolant over time can become more acidic and will lose its rust inhibiting properties causing corrosion. This can cause damage to; radiator, water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, hoses and other parts of the cooling system, as well as to the vehicle heater system. This can then cause the car to overheat.

We do advise that if the coolant is still doing its job and not allowing any corrosion, changing it more often than what the manufacturer has recommended could be a waste of money so we will only advise at regular intervals and it is your choice to have it carried out with our Fixed Price Promise.