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As part of our commitment to our customers we want to show you how we explain tyre wear at John Banks Group. Some dealers will tell you you have 3mm left on your tyres "3mm? What does that mean I hear you say"?

If we speak the same language we know you will understand that your tyres are either 15% worn or 86% worn so we will give you a traffic light system on our health checks to show you the wear of your tyres. Green is good, Amber is telling you that the tyres are getting worn and need to be checked monthly (we will do this for free for you) and below 3mm tread which is 78% worn will need changing very soon but this can also depend on your annual mileage so we have put together some information here to show you when you would need your tyres changed based on the tread left and the annual mileage you cover.

So ask about what percentage your tyres are at - all our technicians use electronic calibration tools to check your tyres for their safety element at every single health check.

Of course the decision to change your tyres is always yours but should a vehicle come in to us at the legal limit or below we will ask you to sign a disclaimer if you do not wish us to change your tyres for you as we will not be responsible under our Duty of Care should you fail to stop after we have advised of the change.

We have twice daily deliveries of tyres from our supply and offer three Tyre ranges

  1. John Banks Premium Tyres - Original/ Manufacturer fitted tyres / similar higher speed/mileage
  2. John Banks Recommended Range - Falken Tyres with a FREE Accidental Damage Warranty
  3. John Banks Value Range - Very affordable tyres for any low mileage user

Tyre Wear Predictor

Front Tyre "Remaining Life" Matrix

The matrix here shows that if you do 10,000 miles per annum and your tyres are on 2.5mm you will have a maximum of 2.7 months remaining therefore we will book you in for exactly 2.5 months time to review and fit your new tyres - you can even spread the cost with our payment plans.

Tyre Sidewall Markings