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Sending Us Money to pay for goods

In order to send us balances or deposits of up to £5000 we will send you a link via Worldpay

This will be issued via one of our Sales Team who will send you a secure link and you can pay by the following cards:


For other Balances not financed through a Finance Partner - You will receive your invoice and money should be transferred to us showing the Registration Number, Invoice Numb er and your name followed by the amount due 

Honda Ipswich - Sort Code: 40-15-22 Account : 71780174

Suzuki Ipswich -  Sort Code: 40-15-22 Account :71780158

Honda Bury St Edmunds - CARS AND MOTORCYCLES -  Sort Code: 40-15-22 Account :81780123

Suzuki Bury St Edmunds -  Sort Code: 40-15-22 Account :71780166

Renault and Dacia Cambridge -  Sort Code: 40-15-22 Account :01840312

Honda Cambridge -  Sort Code: 40-15-22 Account :81780115