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Asset Protection (GAP) -  known as safeguarding your vehicle!

The choice between GAP and RTI depends on how you originally purchase the vehicle and of course the choice is always yours as we are just here to guide you on the products available to protect your purchase.

If you have paid or are planning to pay for your next car outright, you may need to consider Return To Invoice (RTI) insurance to ensure you get back what you paid for the vehicle in the event of an insurance claim especially if the car is written off.

If you are planning on paying for the car on a finance agreement or have already decided that this is the best form of purchase, then a Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance will make sure that if your current insurance payout falls short, you won’t be left with the outstanding finance that you owe. Of course, this is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the policy document.

Our Combined GAP and RTI insurance product incorporates Return to Invoice Cover (RTI) and Guaranteed Asset Protection (or GAP) and could pay out the greater of either the RTI or GAP pay-out, protecting you the customer whatever your circumstance. 

Our Combined GAP and RTI pricing structure at John Banks Group  

John Banks Combined GAP and Return to Invoice Vehicle Replacement Insurance cost is based upon the price of the product at invoice as well as whether it is new or used and the lenth of cover. 

We cover vehicles from Zero to £45,000 at Invoice. 

Our Policy was renewed and updated 1st February 2020

£500.00 Excess applies

Up to £12,000 - Used - 36 Months Cover = £205.00

£12K to £25K - Used - 36 Months Cover = £259.00

£12K to £45K - New Vehicles - 3 Year Cover = £279.00

£12 to £45K - New Vehicles - 4 Year Cover = £395.00

£12 to £45K - New Vehicle - Deferred Policy - Starts after year 1 = £375.00

GAP Insurnace

 Call us about protecting your vehicle - we follow the FCA guidance on a 4 Day Opt in to allow you to decide if this product is right for you so be assured we are treating all our customers fairly in all aspects of your vehicle purchase.