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With an MOT Maintenance Plan we provide an initial and annual inspection of your vehicle to ensure your vehicle passes the MOT.
If it fails the MOT due to one of the inspected listed parts, that part will be replaced for up to a maximum of £500 (a £10 contribution is payable by the plan holder).

MOT Maintenance Plan provides the costs of repairs or replacement of parts, including the labour and applicable VAT,
provided they are shown as having failed the MOT standards on a Refusal to Issue an MOT certificate (VT30) Form.

12 MONTHS COVER - £79.00 although when purchased with another RAMP Maintenance product such as Cosmetic, Alloy or tyre we can offer you MOT Test Insurance for £49.00!

24 MONTHS COVER - £129.00   or 36 MONTHS COVER - £179.00

Main benefits

  • Initial and annual inspection at a main dealership
  • Fully qualified and factory trained technicians inspecting/repairing your vehicle
  • Full cost of parts and labour including VAT
  • Up to £500 of repair costs