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Cosmetic Maintenance is designed to assist in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle as at the time of purchase without the need for a full bodyshop repair.

No matter how careful you are, the bodywork on your new car is very likely to get chipped, dented, scuffed or scratched over time.

With everyday wear and tear like this being hard to avoid, why not protect your asset from as little as £299 for 24 months.

What if?

The bodywork on your shiny new car gets chipped, dented, scratched or scuffed? Let’s face it, every-day wear and tear like this is hard to avoid, no matter how careful you are.


The Plan will provide 4 quarterly maintenenance inspections per annum (don't forget to book them in), it will comprise of a cleanse and visual check on these items listed to ascertain whether these items require any treatment and if a treatment can be applied.

  • Check bonnet
  • Check boot
  • Check Front bumper
  • Check Rear bumper
  • Check all exterior door panels
  • Check all quarter panels
  • Check condition of all wing mirror casings


During the inpections, in the event that our maintenance agent identifies a treatment requirement to the bodywork ofyour vehicle (which falls within a 30cm diameter (ruler size) on a single panel, which can be treated using cosmetic treatment techniques (see T&C's), we will profide these treatments up to the lesser of: 

  • £1,000 per maintenance event 
  • £3,000 for the duration of the agreement 
  • Treatments / repairs will be provided if due to usage the bodywork has suffered deterioration in the form of minor stone chips or other debris marks, surface scuffs, scrapes, scratches or other minor indentations, from the start date up to the expiry date stated in the schedule (excluding the first 30 days).  
  • All treatments are guaranteed for the lifetime of your ownership of the vehicle.

 The cost to you is:

  • 24 MONTHS - £299.00 
  • 36 MONTHS - £399.00

RAMP Cosmetic Maintenance Plan at John Banks Group

Click the Image above to view the Cosmetic Plan brochure with Terms and Conditions

Significant Benefits

  • Chips, dents, scuffs and light scratches are covered up to 30cm diameter
  • One call is all it takes to summon an expert repair technician.
  • No website, no forms to complete and no complications.
  • Repairs carried out at your  home , at our garages or at your work
  • When you come to sell, retail value is optimised.

Our innovative cosmetic maintenance plan has been designed to provide regular scheduled attendance for the visual appearance of a vehicle.