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Tyre & Alloy Wheel Maintenance Plan

Motorists often forget about their tyres. We, at John Banks in conjunction with RAMP, believe they are one of the most important parts. After all, they are in constant contact with the road and therefore are subjected to the most wear.

What if?

You drive over glass or pick up a nail? You could burst a tyre on the kerb or a pothole. You might even suspect that someone has deliberately punctured one of your tyres. Whether the damage is accidental or malicious, flats are a real inconvenience and repairs or replacements cost money, unless you have Tyre & Alloy Maintenance from RAMP.

Significant benefits

  • TYRES- Unlimited number of puncture repairs. If a repair cannot be completed, then we will replace up to 5 tyres for the duration of the agreement.
  • ALLOY WHEELS- Up to 10 treatments for debris marks, surface scuffs, scrapes or scratches or other minor indentations. If a treatment cannot be completed, then we will contribute up to £150 for a replacement.

Our innovative tyre and alloy wheel maintenance plan has been designed to provide regular scheduled attendance for the visual appearance of alloy wheels and the general condition of the tyres. It is NOT a policy of insurance