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Wheel Alignment

Uneven tyre wear? Steering Wheel Vibration? Pulling to one side?

If you are experiencing any of these things your wheel alignment may need checking and it may need attention...

At John Banks Group we have the specialist technology and Wheel alignment equipment that enables us to cater for all makes and models of vehicles and complete two or four-wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment is also sometimes referred to as wheel tracking and is part of the standard vehicle maintenance undertaken by any of our service centres. This involves adjusting the angles of the wheels to the recommended position as outlined in a vehicle's manufacturer specification. It contributes to the reduction of tyre wear and to ensure the optimum performance and handling of the vehicle on the road. Even though you may have regular servicing – you may bump up a kerb or hit the side of a village pot hole and cause an in-balance – this is when you need to pop back in and see us about alignment.

All our new vehicles are sold with their wheels correctly aligned and adjusted although we recommend that all drivers should undertake initial checks on their new vehicle within the first 3 months; this will minimise the possibility of the tyre specifications drifting outside of the manufacturer's guidelines. Failure to check this may lead to unnecessary pulling or wear on the tyre. Drivers may not notice potential defects at first but after time it can cause lasting damage. Typical side effects are steering vibration which can cause driver fatigue through constant pressure or the vehicle pulling to one side.

Tyre wear is not the only area of the vehicle that can suffer if correct wheel alignment is not set, braking distance, driving quality and even fuel economy are all affected by this overlooked standard maintenance measure.

In the trade we call the angles of the tyres either "toeing in" or "toeing out" both of these angles cause pressure on the vehicle overall.

The expert manufacturer trained technicians at John Banks Group use professional Wheel Alignment equipment, which offers a fast and accurate system for your front wheels, and is considered the most trusted equipment in the UK. The experts at John Banks Group have used this equipment for a number of years due to its safety credentials reliability and efficiency. This enables the branch staff to quickly check the front wheel alignment.

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There are four typical signs of incorrect wheel tracking

  • Uneven or feathered tyre wear
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Drag or pulling
  • Audible distress while turning corners

Incorrect wheel alignment, can also apply undue pressure to tyres which can cause them to lean into one another. When that happens your vehicle faces resistance on the road surface making the car work much harder to drive along in a straight line therefore burning up more fuel than normal which is bad for your wallet and the environment.

Our front wheel alignment prices start at only £35.00 and our Four Wheel alignment is a standard £70.00 both including VAT.

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